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Rakesh - SAMS Engineering College

The Depth of Advanced C Coverage, the presentation and speed were all remarkable. Gave a clear picture of the inner workings of C Language Design

Suganya Kumari - PSR Engineering College

I got placed in a leading MNC in the drive held at Technopundits. Before joining technopundits I was not confident whether I will get a job or not but after completing my classes I got confidence that I can surely get a job. It was a nice experience to learn the basic and advanced concepts with every faculty in every module.

One month certification program in Java

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Technopundits Business Solutions Offers Best Java/J2EE Training. We offer Internships in Real-Life Business Applications of our clients. Students are given Practical Training in the below mentioned syllabus. The syllabus can be customized according to individual needs.

Core Java

Introduction to JAVA - OOPs & its Implementation using JAVA Programs - Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation - Fundamentals of Java Programming: Keywords, Data Types & Programming Constructs - Sample Applications - Fundamental Classes: Package Overview, String, String Buffer, Math Classes, String Tokenizer, Constructors & Finalizers - Arrays - Exception Handling Techniques - Reflections - Advanced I/O Streams: File, Byte Streams, Character Streams, Random Access File, Object Serialization - JDBC: Advantages, Database Connectivity Using SQL Server, Types of Drivers, Statements, Prepared Statement, Callable Statement, Result Set, Date, Time - Networking: Client & Server Sockets, Networking & I/O, Networking & Applet - RMI (Remote Method Invocation): Architecture, Registry, Server & Client Programs, Remote Interfaces, Objects & Methods - Multi Threading.

Collection Framework

Collection, Map, Date & Calendar, Enumeration, And Iterator - Applets: Applet Basics, Event Handling in Applets, Displaying Image, Playing Audio, Applet Interactions, Sample Applets - AWT - Swings - Building Stand - Alone, Windows-Based Applications Using Java.