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Shalini - Jeppiar Engineering College

The training at Technopundits is entirely different from the others. The staffs are very cooperative. They are industrial exposure guys. They usually explain the concepts with industrial applications that was very helpful for me to pick up those critical concepts of VLSI Technology. And it is very pleasant to get trained with you. Thank you very much.

Sheakar Raj - MNM Jain Engineering College

The teaching Environment is very excellent. All staffs are very friendly and they will not only train us on the concerned course. They will share every single concept over designing a big project and they will teach train us to get very interested in my subjects

Surekha Srinivasan - Hindustan University

Technopundits is providing very good training in C, Verilog HDL,VHDL. This has helped me to get placed in a good multinational.

Certificate course in Basic VLSI Concepts and Verilog HDL PROGRAMMING

VLSI training begins 1st December.

Certification program - One month duration

Course Description

By the end of this course, students in this class will understand the basic principles of programming and of implementing Integrated Circuits in Verilog HDL. Specifically they will be able to create their own ICs and evaluate the Performance of that device using synthesis tools.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the VLSI Design technology

Understand the Xillinx Desktop, module window, synthesis window and the simulation tools

Be able to create simple and complex circuits using Xillinx setup

Be able to check and synthesis the module using Xillinx

Ensure you can competently design any circuit using Verilog HDL programming environment

Understand the tools that are essential in solving engineering problems

Course Contents

Syntax & Semantics of Verilog HDL

Basic combinational and sequential circuit designing

Industry practices for advanced digitial circuit design

Basic functional verification using VERILOG HDL

Advanced functional verification using VERILOG HDL