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Why do you need an effective Online Reputation Management system

The Internet is the new first impression. People dont ask for references anymore, they search Google. Negative search results can damage your life and business in the click of a mouse. It is also important that having no reputation drives your prospective customer to competitors. You CAN change your search results to the positive.

How do we repair your ONLINE REPUTATION

A single lie or malicious intent has the potential to tear down your reputation. If you are not vigilant, you may end up with a big hole in your pocket and irreversible damage to your status. We carry out the industry's swiftest reputation management services using proven strategies to Restore, Promote & Protect your image. We use various tactics to improve your online reputation and ensure that the positive material about you gets attention on search-engine results. We offer a broad array of reputation management solutions for Small and Medium businesses at affordable prices

Step 1: Remove

We will remove negative, misleading, inaccurate and damaging content wherever possible.

Step 2: Tracking:

Tracking of negative content on search and social media and reporting it on a regular basis. Taking necessary action to mitigate the negative impact of any newly formed negative content.

Step 3: Control

Ownership of positive content on google, yahoo and bing search on search revolving around a wide variety of words revolving around company name. Insuring that any negative content that is not removed permanently is buried forever.

Step 4: Reinforcement

Insure that your company sites come on first page of google search on high search and brand reinstation keywords such as “best builder in town”, “best mba college”, “most reliable stock” etc.

Step 5: Social Media Presence

Be a part of social media revolution on facebook, twitter, linkedin etc and engage customers in meaningful conversations around your company brand and its offerings.

Step 6: Monthly Reporting

A summary of all actions and results along with updates related to your company searches on internet.