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Karthikeyan Subramanium - Jeppiar Engineering College

I must compliment Technopundits Business Solutions on the excellent training I attended. I had a good instructor, one with perfect combination of technical expertise, patience and experience. The training was of huge result for me. I am now able to obtain a new sense of confidence in all areas of MATLAB.

Vinod Rajendran - Velammal Engineering College

I am really pleased with initiative of Technopundits to support students to maximize their skills in Matlab. I had taken course on Matlab /Image Processing. The certification program by Technopundits has really given me in depth understanding and clear visualization of fundamentals. I found this course very useful in my postgraduate studies. I will rate this program very good and would recommend interested people to pursue it.

Machine Learning using MATLAB Session on 16th of September - Weekend batch. img

Certification Program in Matlab and its applications. Next batch for Matlab Certification starts from 13th of September. To enroll call 9962006587

Course Description

By the end of this course, students in this class will understand the basic principles of programming and of implementing mathematical concepts in MATLAB. Specifically they will be able to write numerical algorithms and evaluate the computational results using graphical representations.


Understand the MATLAB Desktop, Command window and the Graph Window

Be able to do simple and complex calculation using MATLAB

Be able to carry out numerical computations and analyses

Understand the mathematical concepts upon which numerical methods rely

Ensure you can competently use the MATLAB programming environment

Understand the tools that are essential in solving engineering problems

Able to successfully complete a project in MATLAB

Contents of this Course

Introduction to Matlab :: Arrays :: Functions and Files :: Programming Techniques :: Plotting :: Linear Algebriac Equations :: :: Probability and Statistics :: Symbolic processing with Matlab :: Image processing :: Final Project

International Batch of April 2016