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Process Overview

We are confident in our ability to deliver on the digital marketing requirements of any brand, but in order to do so we strongly recommend that an initial Storyboarding session be conducted in order to gain an in-depth understanding of your brand's vision, culture and goals.

This session is a vital cog in our process to identify how best integrate social media marketing into your business strategy.

From here we can strategize what form of activations, campaigns and channels we may use to deliver to the objectives, along with recommendations on integrating and/or enhancing existing digital assets such as your brand's website (if applicable).

The following steps outline our suggested approach to working with you to ensure sustainable success via social media marketing…

Our 6 step approach for your social media marketing and customer engagement

Step 1: The storyboarding workshop

A workshop session that aids us in gaining a greater understanding of your business and marketing objectives.

WHY do we do this? A workshop session that aids us in gaining a greater understanding of your business and marketing objectives.

WHAT does this involve? A [minimum] half day workshop session where you provide us with an overview of the brand in discussion and explain your business's objectives.

HOW do we deliver? A select number of Technopundits Social media marketing team members will be assigned to the workshop session to work with your business attendees to ascertain the information required to move to the next phase.

Step 2: Audit and Analysis:

A deep-dive into your brand's existing digital footprint.

WHY do we do this? To assess what IS and what ISN'T working for your brand online, including identification of new opportunities. This report forms the foundation of our strategic recommendations and can also provide creative concepts for new campaigns.

WHAT does this involve? We will produce a comprehensive report outlining your brand's current performance in the eyes of the community, as well as key insights and recommendations.

HOW do we deliver? We use online media monitoring tools to listen to conversations across multiple mediums. This data allows us to determine how your brand is currently perceived, what channels users are electing to hold brand-related conversations via, competitor and industry insights, potential influencers and more.

Step 3: Strategy Development

A road map developed with the simple goal of delivering on agreed objectives and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

WHY do we do this? To ensure a structured plan is in place in order for us to deliver on your expectations and business objectives.

WHAT does this involve? We will produce a customised social media strategy for your brand based on your specific business goals and objectives.

HOW do we deliver? We will provide you with "THE FACTS". Technopundits Social have derived what we believe to be the best and most strategic formula for delivering brand success via social media marketing.

Step 4: Content Production

Various methods of producing valuable & relevant content to meet your strategic business objectives.

WHY do we do this? Marketing cannot exist without content!

WHAT does this involve? Content production takes many forms depending on the target audience, objectives, channel strategy and budget. Some, of the many, forms of content we produce for our clients include graphically designed social artwork for Facebook, blog posts, electronic direct mail [EDM] artwork, digital booklets, infographics for website development, just to name a few.

HOW do we deliver? We have a vast array of talented team members highly skilled in the production of graphic design, copywriting, photography, audio/visual production & more.

Step 5: Content Marketing

The actual placement of attention grabbing content via the chosen social media marketing channels identified in the overall strategy. This also includes the management of your online conversations and identifying new opportunities via our unique outreach methods.

WHY do we do this? Similarly to content production, marketing cannot exist without the placement of well-tailored content.

WHAT does this involve? Content placement is delivering your brand’s content via the most appropriate and effective channels based on the goals and objectives established in the overall marketing strategy.

HOW do we deliver? Your dedicated Account Manager will become your brand's voice, personality and reputation manager through the strategic placement of content produced as identified in the overall strategy. Dependant on the strategy objectives, platforms for channel delivery could include, but are not limited to, social media, print/online publications, video, radio, TVC, publicity stunts, email marketing, key influencer programs, online promotion/competitions, search engine marketing & more – all channels available to be arranged by us. All content marketing initiatives will be continually analysed by your Account Manager and key insights/recommendations will be provided regularly for further discussion and never-ending improvement.

Step 6: Campaign Reporting

Monthly and/or ad-hoc reporting, where relevant, to assess all initiatives and ongoing social media marketing efforts against set goals and objectives from the social media strategy.

WHY do we do this? To provide a central, transparent data source from which all activities can be consistently assessed against strategic objectives.

WHAT does this involve? We will produce a succinct, yet detailed report, showcasing key statistics and performance metrics of all activities including platform and content engagement for assessment and critique.

HOW do we deliver? We use best practice social media reporting tools to assess social media activations across multiple mediums. This data allows us to determine how content is being received and the metrics for engagement pertinent to those individual content pieces.