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Sreemalini. M - Ceeyes Technologies

I got selected in Ceeyes Software Technologies as a Software Engineer. This time majority of the candidates got selected from Technopundits. I congratulate everyone. First of all I would like to thank our Technopundits trainers for extreme support and suggestions during the training and till our placements

Abhishek Kumar - Cognizant

I was looking for an android course for working professional as the courses offered by other institutes are mainly designed for college students. In Technopundits, they specially design the course curriculum which meets my requirements, also the faculty is having good industry experience which really helps as they understand the work culture of an IT industry in and out which really adds value.

Certification in Android Application Development

Course Description

Let us introduce you to Android application programming by giving you a solid foundation so you can imagine, design, create and deploy your own applications onto the Google Play Store. This class will cover the major Android topics such as views, activities, intents, broadcast receivers, and content providers. It will also cover location-based services, sensors and application deployment.

Learning Outcomes

Use the development tools in the Android development environment

Use the major components of Android API set to develop their own applications

Describe the life cycles of activities, applications and fragments

Use the Java programming language to build Android applications

Make UI-rich apps using all the major UI components

Know UI best-practices

Be familiar with new UI components like fragments and the action bar

Store and manipulate data using content providers, shared preferences and notifications

Do background processing with services and asynctasks

Utilize sensors like gyroscopes, accelerometers and GPS to add orientation and location to their applications

Send and receive SMS messages pro-grammatically

Package and prepare their applications for distribution on the Google Play Store